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Princess Buttercup

John and Tonda are happy to finally and officially introduce you to their sweet Gwenyth, also known as Buttercup!

Gwenyth is a bright and precious little girl whom is loved deeply by, all eight of, her older siblings. Gwenyth enjoys books, dolls, and playing outside.

Tonda shares that for the last twenty months Gwenyth has been in her family’s home as a foster child and on April 25, 2019 she officially became a Kuhn! She adds that Gwenyth has added such a gentle sweetness that the family didn't know they were missing, but God did!

Tonda shares that as happy as they are for this moment, they know there is mourning with others who love Gwenyth as much as they do. She asks that as you rejoice with their family you also remember all who love Gwenyth in your prayers.

Since 2013, John and Tonda have partnered with AGAPE and have been committed and nurturing foster parents to all the children who come to their home. The couple have a heart for children and they have grown their family through adoption and foster care multiple times. John, Tonda, and their children are great examples and encouragement to us all.

AGAPE is grateful to be a small part in Gwenyth’s story and look forward to seeing where the Lord leads her.


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