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Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up [ABC] is an evidenced-based parenting intervention that strengthens caregivers' relationships with their infants and toddlers while helping children learn to regulate behaviors and emotions. 

ABC supports caregivers in identifying and responding to their babies' signals and helps to protect children from stress, early challenges, and adversity. 

AGAPE has the only ABC Program in the entire state of Alabama.

Results of ABC

Children receiving ABC show higher levels of executive functioning than their peers.

With ABC, children develop better

self-regulation skills.

Children who receive ABC have more normalized stress hormone patterns.

ABC helps children understand they are important, competent, and can rely on their caregivers.

Mother and Child

Our Program

AGAPE offers the ABC Program to caregivers of a child or children between the ages of 6 months and 48 months. 

Ten 1 hour weekly sessions are held in your home with structured topics to assist you and your children. 

Your ABC Parent Coach will focus on what you, the parent, are already doing right and offer positive feedback during each session. 

The program ends with a celebration and a special video gift of you and your children.

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We are so grateful for the ABC Program. We adopted our son at birth and around 3 years we began seeing aggressive and explosive behaviors as a result from his trauma in utero. ABC taught us a non-traditional way of guiding our son through challenging behaviors in a safe and loving way while building up his self-esteem. We have seen dramatic results in how our son responds to his big emotions, like anger, and how we respond to him.

Frequently asked questions

Will my child benefit from ABC?

All children will benefit from strengthening their relationship with their caregiver. Children who have experienced trauma often have disrupted attachment with parents, which can lead to consequences for a child's healthy development. The ABC Program has been succesfully implemented across the U.S. and around the globe.

What evidence supports ABC?

In randomized controlled trials, when compared with other parenting programs children: - are more likely to be securely attached to their caregivers - develop more normative stress hormone patterns - develop better impulse control - are less likely to show anger during a challenging task - have an easier time switching between complex tasks [executive functioning] - have more advanced receptive language abilities

What is the cost for AGAPE's ABC Program?

For information about the cost of AGAPE's ABC Program, please contact Natalie Balch at 256-859-4481 or Some insurances are accepted and scholarships may be available.

What if I have an older child? Will ABC still work for me?

ABC is designed for children 6 months to 48 months. Caregivers who have a child within the target range, while also having older children in the home, still qualify for AGAPE's ABC Program. Please check out AGAPE's TBRI services for children ages 4 and older.

What is required of the caregiver during ABC?

AGAPE's ABC Parent Coach will meet with caregivers and the target child weekly for one hour sessions. Your Parent Coach will provide all toys/supplies for each of the sessions. Caregivers complete a small amount of homework each week, in between sessions. Caregivers' homework involves making notes on your child's behavior throughout the week.

I am interested in the ABC Program, what is my next step?

Great! Please contact Natalie Balch at 256-859-4481 or for information about the application process.