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We care about you and what is best for your life and the life of your baby.  Whether you choose to parent or make an adoption plan, we are here to help you.  Please call us at 256-859-4481 or text 256-397-5437 to speak with an AGAPE Social Worker. 

You can also fill out the Contact form and a Social Worker will respond via email.

How We Can Help

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At AGAPE, you can work with a professional who supports you and respects your choices.   A social worker will explain your options and help you make a plan that best meets your needs. 

If you choose to parent, we will connect you with parenting resources. If you choose to make an adoption plan, we will connect you with a family who will love your baby unconditionally. 

What Clients Say

“AGAPE was a Godsend to me. I really don’t know if I could have gone through with my decision without their help. I couldn’t provide my baby with a good life and I knew that someone else could. But that still does not stop the pain of making the decision."
  • What is a home study?
    A home study is a 10 to 12 page social summary of your family, written by a licensed social worker. In order to create your home study a social worker will meet with your family, once in your home and once at AGAPE's office. Each home study visit lasts approximately an hour and a half. A social worker will discuss your family, marriage, parenting style, discipline methods, and complete a walk-through of your home. All necessary paperwork, such as medical examinations and clearances, must be completed before home study visits are scheduled. Once completed, the home study is a legal document that allows your family to adopt. Home studies must be updated yearly.
  • How long is the wait to adopt a child?
    The wait time for adoption can vary depending on your preferences. For example, families only willing to consider children of certain genders or races will likely encounter longer wait times. Other factors, such as openness in your adoption plan and the health of the child, also affect wait time. AGAPE's current wait time is 2 to 5 years.
  • How much will my adoption cost?
    AGAPE's fees are based on state and federal adoption tax credits available to families. AGAPE's home study fees are approximately $2,000. AGAPE's placement fee is approximately $14,000. Fees paid to AGAPE do not cover attorney fees. Attorney's fees are approximately $2,000 to $5,000 and will be paid directly to your family's attorney. AGAPE social workers will go over a fee schedule in detail with you during your initial consultation.
  • Will we meet the birth parents?
    A child benefits most from an adoption situation in which two families unite in partnership. This child-focused approach involves an incredible amount of flexibility, vulnerabilty, and compassion from all involved. AGAPE asks that all adoptive families be willing to meet their child's birth family. However, ultimately the decision to meet will be determined by the comfort level of the birth family.
  • What is open adoption and what are the benefits?
    Open adoption refers to a wide range of communication between adoptive and biological families. Research has shown that children, adoptive families, and biological families all benefit from open adoption. Families who adopt should be prepared to share pictures, letters, and encourage visits throughout a child's life. Open adoption promotes a child's overall well-being by providing awareness of their history. This promotes bonding and attachment with their adoptive parents who are actively working to honor their child's story. Knowledge is power and open adoption improves the child's sense of identity.
  • Can the birth parents change their mind?
    In the state of Alabama, biological parents who are making an adoption plan have a total of 14 days in which they can change their minds and decide to parent. During the initial 5 days, biological parents sign a document and contact AGAPE in order to choose parenting. There is an additional 9 days in which a parent can appear before a judge to plead their case for why they want to alter the adoption plan.
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