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Foster Care

AGAPE's foster families are called to minister to parents and children involved with the Alabama Department of Human Resources [DHR].

Our families provide safe, loving homes for children and work in partnership to reunify children with biological parents when possible. 

Foster Care

The Need

Children in foster care need families who can see their preciousness and meet the deep need expressed through their behavior.

Children ages five and up and sibling groups are especially in need of loving and  committed parents.


Our Services

AGAPE provides therapeutic services in the homes of each of our foster parents.  Trust-Based Relational Intervention [TBRI] and Attachment and Bio-Behavioral Catch-Up [ABC] are used to address attachment issues faced by children from hard places. 

AGAPE has three TBRI Practitioners and one ABC Parent Coach on staff. 

upcoming foster
parent training

To learn more about becoming a licensed foster parent or to register for AGAPE's upcoming TIPS training, click below to view our Upcoming Events.

Foster Parent Requirements

  • Age 19 years or older

  • Single or married

  • Christian and actively involved in a local church

  • TIPS & CPR/First Aid Certification

  • A ministry mindset towards the biological family involved in foster care. 

  • Ability to partner with DHR social workers, Guardian Ad Litems, CAJA workers, and other professionals to ensure that children's needs are met

  • Compassion for the biological family and desire to work in partnership with them to reunify children

  • A safe home that meets all requirements outlined in the safety checklist

  • Flexibility in parenting style in order to incorporate trauma informed parenting techniques

  • Completion of 15 hours of CEUs and 3 in person trainings with AGAPE per year

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