Your First Assignment - Tips for School

Vacations, sleeping in late, and endless play are coming to an end as parents try to transition their children from summer fun to the scheduled routine of a new school year. Like any kind of change, it can be uncomfortable and take a while to adjust. Here are a few tips that could help you as a foster parent to prepare your children for school.


Each school year brings new opportunities for learning and trying new things. Build positivity in your kids as you discuss the chances for fun and exciting memories that this new school year can bring. Talk to your children about the possibilities and work together to find afterschool and during school programs that interest them. Get them excited about being involved with their peers and encourage them to try new things. Explain the reward they will gain by joining a team or a club, and if they are older children, mention how great it will look on their college applications! With younger students, make sure they know their name, address, and phone number. If your children ride a bus, make sure they know their bus number. Discuss safe rides with any age child and make sure they know who it is safe to ride with.


Children can only thrive when they have had enough sleep. It can take so