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Terrific Tuesday

With summer in full swing we are so excited to get to spend some time with our kids through Terrific Tuesdays! On June 11, we had the privilege of throwing a super fun pool party our first Terrific Tuesday for 13 kids. It was a fun day of swimming, playing, tanning (or burning), and eating some delicious food. The weather was a bit chilly at first, but that did not stop any of the kids from jumping right into the water!

They swam and played outside for five hours with breaks in between to indulge in salty snacks and tasty taco stack-ups. With a pool, inflatable water slide, super fun backyard and trampoline there was plenty to keep busy with! There were lots of playful screaming and splashing, and everyone was safe and had a great time so we would say it was successful!

This would not have happened without the help of these people so… a BIG thank you to Stephanie Faught for opening up your house to these kids and allowing us to use your backyard! Thank you to Leann for providing us with the yummy food and snacks! I know the kids (and workers) appreciated all your hard work!

Terrific Tuesdays are a great way of growing relationships between the workers and the foster family kids. We are grateful for the opportunity that these events provide and cannot wait for all the fun things we have in store for the rest of the summer!

- AGAPE Interns, Stevie & Miriam 


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