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Nurture Groups

Because of the abuse and neglect children in foster care have suffered, foster  parents need support in the specialized parenting strategies required to help children heal. To assist our parents, AGAPE has recently begun implementing  Nurture Groups (from scientifically-proven Trust Based Relational Intervention) in all applicable foster homes.

During Nurture Groups, families work alongside children to give and receive care, develop attachments, and work on life skills such as “listen and obey” and “ask with respect”.

Nurture Groups and TBRI have documented outcomes for children such as improved attention, decreased emotional problems, and increased prosocial behaviors. Without these interventions, children are often moved from home to home without having their underlying needs met.

Your continued support allows AGAPE to have one of four TBRI Practitioners in the Huntsville area and enables AGAPE to provide these extraordinary services for foster families.


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