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Bea Happy!

Happy Adoption Day! Bea and her parents, Greg and Angelia, celebrated the finalization of her adoption on May 23, 2019.

Although her adoption just became final, Bea has been a part of Greg and Angelia's family since she was three days old.

Angelia shares that Bea's name means "she who brings happiness" and Bea lives up to her name! Bea brings so much joy to everyone she meets.

Bea is constantly learning and is an active toddler. She has filled her family's home with singing, laughter, and fun.

Greg and Angelia share that they are so thankful God blessed them with Bea. Bea's parents describe her as being a ray of sunshine.

AGAPE would like you to join us in celebrating and honoring all those who love Bea and her family. We are excited to see all that God will do in her life!

“Sing to the Lord for He has done excellent things” Isaiah 12:5


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