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Summer Adventures!

Over the last two months, the children have enjoyed goofing around at Let’s Play, hanging out with volunteers from Central Church of Christ in Athens, and swimming at Ms. LeAnn’s house.

On June 25, we were able to take the kids to Let’s Play thanks to a generous contribution by Mayfair Church of Christ. Our Terrific Tuesday at Let’s Play was a day full of kids running, delightfully squealing, and having lots of fun on the indoor playground and obstacles. The kids played with each other well, and it was evident that they had lots of safe fun.

The next Terrific Tuesday, July 9, was a day of fun hosted by Central Church of Christ in Athens. It started at 9 A.M. when the kids were transported from AGAPE to a local park in Athens where volunteers had set up relay races and games. Between relay races and running around the park, the kids had a blast. After the games were finished, everyone went to Central where volunteers had brought pizza for us to eat for lunch. Finally, the kids ended the day playing volleyball, basketball, and other games in the gymnasium.

The last and final Tuesday took place at LeAnn Richard’s house where the kids were able to enjoy a full day of swimming and take part in a craft led by Robyn Crumby. They played poolside, watched movies, decorated cookies, painted a canvas with water guns, and ate a yummy meal provided by Ms. LeAnn. While the weather looked like it might not look good for us, it turned out to be a perfect warm and overcast day! The kids made the most of the day and happily played outside.

These events have been incredibly fun to plan and host, and we are so grateful for all the children that were able to come and be a part. This summer has been full of memories and would not have been possible without the help of many people.

Thank you to AGAPE staff for letting us arrange these events, foster parents for bringing your children, Stephanie Faught for allowing us into your home, Let’s Play staff for being so gracious during our outing at your location, Central Church of Christ in Athens for putting together a full day of enjoyable activities, LeAnn Richards for providing us with food for a couple of our events and opening up your house and pool to us, and Robyn Crumby for the entertaining craft that you put together for the children.

None of this would have been possible without these people. It’s been a blast holding these Terrific Tuesday’s, and we hope your children had just as much fun as we did!

Miriam Sparks & Stevie Gidden

2019 AGAPE interns


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