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God Will Strengthen

Congratulations to Matthew and Jennifer on the finalization of their son, Ezekiel! The couple started their adoption journey with AGAPE in November of 2015 and had faith that the Lord would bless them in His time.

Matthew and Jennifer endured many difficulties during their adoption journey but remained resilient during their time of waiting and rejoiced when they were matched. The couple were able to make a strong connection with Ezekiel’s birth parents and strive to maintain that relationship for their son.

Both families have traveled to celebrate various milestones with each other and communicate on a regular basis. Matthew and Jennifer prove to be a great example of openness in adoption and the blessings that can come from it.

Although Ezekiel’s adoption was finalized on May 20, 2019, he has been a part of the family since his birth in December of 2017.

Ezekiel is a bright and joyful little boy. He continues to grow and reach milestones every day and is not afraid of trying new things. AGAPE is excited to be a small part in Ezekiel’s story and look forward to seeing where the Lord leads him.

As we celebrate with this precious family and the addition of their beautiful son, we are also grateful for the thoughtful sacrifice of Ezekiel’s birth parents who selflessly chose adoption. Please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers during this time of transition. 

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