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A Legacy of Love

Anyone who knows Mr. Jimmy and Mrs. Sherry can affirm their immense love for children.

AGAPE is proud to celebrate the Smith's 30 years of service!

The couple came to AGAPE over 30 years ago with a strong desire to become foster parents and serve children from hard places.

There is no doubt that they have blessed countless children and families over the years with their joy and warmth. Their home has served as a safe haven for numerous foster children. Their family has grown several times through adoption but they also rejoice with children when they are able to be reunified.

Their family has a long history of work with foster care; Mr. Jimmy's parents also served as foster parents for many years. They are dedicated advocates and wonderful examples to those around them.

Mr. Jimmy and Mrs. Sherry continue to be a great asset as they reflect the true meaning of AGAPE!


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